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Hard Chromium alternative EU project succesfully concluded

This month, we have succesfully concluded our current 'Hardalt' European research project on finding alternatives for the standard Hard Chromium coatings.

Some alternatives, specifically Nickel Phosphorous based coatings with nano-particle strengthening, are showing promising results.

Product replacement MUST vs Basalt-N2

As of May 2016, the Tetra-Falex MUST microtribometer system will no longer be supported and is replaced by the Tetra Basalt-N2 testing platform which has, among other configurations, a microNewton reciprocating configuration.

This configuration completely replaces and improves the MUST specifications.


A limited offer is given to current users : in return for your MUST test system, you are eligible for a substantial discount on the new test system.  Please contact Dr. Dirk Drees for more information on this.

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Launch of Falex Global Application Center

Falex Tribology nv launched its Global Application Center in Tribology during the Materials 2016 trade fair in Veldhoven.

Meanwhile, it has set up a new website , collecting typical examples of testing approaches for industry.

These can be found on the new application website :  www.factlabs.org


Please go visit the application blog for inspiration and ideas.

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NEW ! Belgian Falex lab acquires a Miller Number Slurry Abrasivity Test Machine



Falex Tribology nv has added a Miller Number Slurry Abrasion Test Machine to its already extensive tribotesters base. We can now perform your ASTM G75 or custom slurry abrasion tests in our lab in Belgium. 

 The Falex Miller Number Slurry Abrasivity Test Machine develops data on the relative abrasivity of any slurry (Miller Number), or response of different materials to abrasivity of slurries (SAR Number).


The Miller Number is an index of the relative abrasivity of slurries. Its primary purpose is to rank the abrasivity of slurries in terms of the wear of a standard reference material. The wear damage on the block is worse as the Falex Miller Number gets higher.

The SAR Number is an index of the relative abrasion response of materials as tested in any particular slurry of interest. The SAR Number is a generalized form of the Miller Number applicable to materials other than the referenced material used for the Miller Number determination. A major purpose is to rank construction materials for use in a system for pumping and fluid handling equipment for a particular slurry. The slurry damage on the specimen of material being tested is worse as the SAR Number gets higher.



NEW ! Belgian Falex lab acquires a Falex Timken test machine


By acquiring a Timken Extreme Pressure Test Rig, Falex Tribology nv has extended its standard test range available in Belgium with the ASTM D2509 and D2782 tests.


The Falex Timken Extreme Pressure Test Rig is one of the first commercially manufactured and most widely recognized testers for evaluating the load carrying capacity of extreme pressure lubricants. Originally developed in the 1930’s by the Timken Company, this tester evaluates fluid lubricants and greases containing extreme-pressure additives.



ASTM D2509 is the standard test method for measurement of load-carrying capacity of lubricating grease (Timken method). The test method is used widely for specification purposes and is used to differentiate between greases having low, medium, or high levels of extreme pressure characteristics.


ASTM D2782 is the standard test method for measurement of extreme-pressure properties of lubricating fluids. It is used widely for the determination of extreme pressure properties for specification purposes.  


NEW ! 3-D Measurements with Confocal Microscope

As of January 2014, we have installed a Nanofocus µSurf Explorer in our labs. This significant investment fits in our strategy to expand our high quality testing and characterisation infrastructure to remain true to our mission : providing high quality data to our industrial customers in the context of our credo "quality, knowledge, partner solutions"


With the confocal microscope, we can measure 3-D surfaces with the highest resolution and this helps us particularly with the quantification of (low) wear in our friction and wear simulations.  Depending on the requirements of the customer, the technique can be an additional measurement technology to the well known 2D profiles and light optical microscopy measurements of wear scars.


Whereas conventional and standard measurement techniques have been sufficient to compare good - medium - bad products, they are often not sufficient to distinguish good - better - best products and they can also lead to measurement errors or measurement uncertainty.


In the coming months, we will develop a number of application examples of the technique and publish them for your information.

If you are interested in the measurement technique, or you may have some surfaces that require high precision measurement, you may contact us as we also offer contract measurement services.


Contact : Dirk Drees (ddrees@falex.eu) with subject 'Confocal Microscopy'. 

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Did you know we also do testing?

You may know Falex Tribology in Rotselaar, Belgium as your European sales and technical support centre for Falex products.

But did you know that we’re also providing testing services ?


In fact, the testing services have been our fastest growing activity since 2008, the year of the big recession, illustrating the increasing tendency with industry to outsource certain specialised fields to companies that have a history, a background and availability of a large equipment lab.

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