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Pin & Vee Block Tester


The Falex Pin & Vee Block Test Machine is a laboratory tool for evaluating wear, friction and extreme pressure properties of materials and lubricants. The equipment rotates a ¼ inch diameter test pin against two ½ inch diameter vee blocks.  A four line contact is established as load is applied through a mechanical gage by a ratchet wheel and an eccentric arm.

The Falex Pin & Vee Block Test Machine is available in manual, digital or computer controlled configuration.

Standard Test Methods

ASTM D2670 – D2625 – D3233 - D5620 - FTM-791-3807.1 - FTM-791-3812.1

461-C-84-01 -  461-C-84-02 -  461-C-84-03 -  FMC-BJ1-1 - IP 241

Full manufacturer's specifications can be found here.